Who is Whisky Adventurer?

My name is Lars Modvig Hesselberg and I live in Denmark.

It is no secret that I am fond of whisky and have become more interested  after I have learned how to drink it the right way – not just poring it down.

There is nothing better than a good adventure, and if it is from the real world, there is extra spice.

Exploring the world of whisky is an adventure for me.

There is very good whisky in the world and my passion is to discover or just experience the nuances from i.a. smaller distilleries around the world and hear the tales of how it all started.

To taste the development from the infant new distillate to the finished whisky. The use of different types of casks, the size of casks and what they have been used for in the past is an interesting adventure in itself.

I am also blogging on Instagram and Facebook as “WhiskyAdventurer” and enjoy combining my photo passion with whisky.

It provides an opportunity to be creative in several areas of the adventure.

As part of Smagning.Com I also get to talks about whisky when hosting whisky tastings.

For me, it all started very early, but the great revelation came when I discovered that whisky is a patience drink, and not just hard-boiled spirits that are poured down – it must be enjoyed. This experience happened with a Dalmore 12 year old.

Since then, I have tried to find “My own taste” with smoke, without smoke, various cask variations, bourbon or rye and whisky from all over the world. Such a decision should not be taken lightly, so the adventure continues.

Edinburgh Castle