Wauw great news from Japan, February 16th 2021 they have decided to regulate Japanese whisky so it in the future will be more transparent what you are drinking if it comes from Japan.

New rule are made and they will take effect from April 1st, 2021 but actually first have a full effect from April 1st, 2024. Nikka though has already made a list of the whiskies that does not live up to the new standarts.
The meaning of these rules are that us consumers better can identify a real Japanese whisky and not be mis guidede any more like with for an example Nikka From the Barrel. This has been pretty much sourced from Ben Nevis i Scotland.

It is a long story and I will cut it down and maybe it will be easier to understand.

The new Requirements will be:

⚖️ Term: Japanese whisky or Japanese whiskey

⚖️ Raw ingredients: must be limited to malted grains, other cereal grains, and water extracted in Japan. Malted grains must always be used.

⚖️ Production method: Saccharification, fermentation, and distillation must be carried out at a distillery in Japan. Alcohol content at the time of distillation must be less than 95%.

⚖️ Aging: The distilled product must be poured into wooden casks not exceeding a capacity of 700 liters and matured in Japan for a period of at least 3 years thereafter.

⚖️ Bottling: must take place only in Japan, with alcoholic strength of at least 40% as of such time.

⚖️ Other: Plain caramel coloring can be used.

This much like the Scottish requirements so maybe in the future we will se less real Japanese whisky but more World Blends with Japanese writing on the label


By Whisky Adventurer

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