On the 19th of October 2023 the Danish distillery Thornæs released their first whisky. They have been making “Mad Owl” gin and with good success since 2018. The goal has been to make Single Malt Whisky and that goal has now been reached – and the journey continues. I will tell more about the distillery in another coming post – Now it’s about the first release of whisky.

A very tasty 3 year old whisky with a double maturation.

One elegant thing about this first release is that the first maturation happend in small 50 litre New Danish Oak casks.
This has provided some lovely soft notes of green pepper.
The small casks has done their magic for 13 months and with the oily, fruity new make it has had a fabulous start.
The last 25 months was in a ex-bourbon hogshead from Heaven Hill and it has certainly done it’s wonders on the sweet toffee side.

A wonderful first release from Thornæs Distillery.

It was actually my first visit at the distillery the evening before it was released. I was invited to a small cozy get together with the team at the distillery, some boardmembers and Thomas who is the head and heart og “Friends of Thornaes” on Facebook.

Only 314 bottles at 50.9% abv and 50cl have being released at www.thornaes.com and will be availably at some selected shops cross Denmark.

Congratulations Torben & Co with your first release of a beautiful whisky – Can’t wait to taste the coming whiskies – Cheers 🥃


A nice sweetness of vanilla and toffee, soft tones of oak and fresh barly

A lovely oily mouthfeel, round toffee, tropical fruits and a nice maltyness

A long toffee finish with a nice fruityness and touch of grassy oak

Chris hand labeling all bottles. Chris is Irish and new Brewer and distiller at Thornæs Distillery

By Whisky Adventurer

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