Adventuring whisky from around the World is fantastic. There are so many expressions and Fl贸ki Birchwood finish is no exception. It is not everyday you have an whisky that is finished in Birchwood casks. Birchwood is porous and actually does not make very good casks but birch trees are one of the few native trees in Iceland so it is all natural to use it in the ways that is possible. This Single Malt from Eimverk distillery is made from Icelandic Barley, has matured 3 years in American Oak ex-Fl贸ki Young Malt barrels and is finished in Birchwood casks for 3 months.

It is 47% abv and a Single Barrel Bottling. It was released first time in 2019 but this bottle is from 2021 from Barrel No.: 9

馃吋馃唸 馃唭馃叞馃唫馃唭馃吀馃吔馃叾 馃吔馃吘馃唭馃叴馃唫

A interesting thick aroma of something earthy, black tea, mossy, birch sap, sweet salt licorice and a soft touch of eucalyptus

Creamy/Oily, black tea, birch sap, mint, salt, earthy, soft vanilla, sweet licorice, dark honey

Medium long, nutmeg, black tea (English breakfast tea without milk 馃槈 ) and a touch of birch sap

馃吘馃唴馃叴馃唩 馃叞馃吇馃吇
This is an interesting whisk. Do not expect the taste of an Speyside whisky but enjoy the unikness of the different wood taste that you don麓t meet everywhere. You don麓t really feel it is a young whisky and in my opinion it does not matter here if it is young or old. It has it麓s own taste and that is refreshing!

By Whisky Adventurer

Behind the name Whisky Adventurer is Lars Modvig Hesselberg. In short, I enjoy immersing myself in all aspects of the whisky world. I enjoy the stories, the people, the scents, the development, the taste, the variety, the big ones, the small ones, the distilleries and much more. Telling and passing on knowledge and experiences through speech, writing and pictures is a big part of the whole experience for me.